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WorkHab FCE On Demand

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A pre-requisite level of academic and clinical experience is essential. To ensure comprehension of our WorkHab systems and to maintain a superior standard of evaluator, license distribution is limited to the following qualified professionals:

Occupational Therapists
Exercise Physiologists/Scientists
Occupational Health Physicians
Occupational Health Nurses*
Industry Health & Safety Professionals*
(*Conditions/approval process applies, please complete registration form). If your profession is not listed complete this registration form to let us know you are interested.

The Online Version of our Basic FCE Course

WorkHab has developed this product to meet the demands of a global market, keep our price point in a struggling economy, and to offer a new generation of evaluators a new and acceptable way to obtain FCE licensing. We also wanted to offer organizations accessibility to our product without the extra expense of paying for travel, accommodation, and loss of productivity, and the experience allows new evaluators the chance to work in the comfort of their own homes or offices and learn at their own pace. Skeptics might argue the likelihood of doing an FCE on line without practical learning sessions. However, we have proven both in knowledge testing and with our built in online practical sessions that INDEED you can effectively and efficiently teach this online. Taking this a step further, learning quality is improved because every person in the course is now required to provide critical thinking about each of the practical sessions. Each user can be assisted individually when necessary. We know how long each lesson takes and our current feedback loop allows us to continually make improvements for learners through additional clarification, more examples, or more practical exercises. WorkHab is taking the next step in Functional Capacity Evaluator education. Just as we have since the beginning as the first to initiate the 3-4 hour exam, the first to develop online reporting vs software distribution, and continued independent research and reviews, now our product can effectively be used in all English speaking countries without the requirement of travel, which created a dramatic decrease in cost to our users. More specifically, these changes have resulted in a 23% decrease in the consumer cost of our product. In today’s market, that is a significant decrease. We are sympathetic that On Demand learning isn’t for everyone, however, we do believe it will be a requirement of the future market place and global customers. If you are wondering if the new learning system is iPad compatible, yes, upon the commercial launch of the product, all course modules will be compatible with the iPad. Again, we have attempted to meet the demands of the new consumer. A pre-requisite level of academic and clinical experience is essential.

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