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Become a WorkHab Accredited FCE Evaluator

By making the decision to become a Licenced WorkHab Evaluator, you are joining one of the world's largest networks of Functional Capacity Evaluators.

To be eligible to become a Licenced WorkHab Evaluator, you must have completed certifications such as; Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapist. Having the body movement studies to back you, makes understanding the protocols easier.




Register your interest online to either attend an Online LIVE WorkHab FCE training event or to complete the OnDemand course.

Contact our team by phone or email for your registration form and information kit.

Complete Training:


Attend a 2 day online LIVE course or complete the OnDemand course online, in your own time.


The Online LIVE course has replaced our Face to Face workshops, to allow us to continue delivering our FCE Accreditation course with LIVE interaction between our Master Trainers and the participants, regardless of where you are. 


Pass the Examination:


Once you have attended your LIVE course, or completed the OnDemand training, you will need to complete an online exam (multiple choice).

Don't worry, if you need help with anything you can contact our team to discuss the questions. Use your training manual and notes that you have taken through the course to guide you.

After passing your exam, you will receive a certificate of completion, and be issued with your WorkHab FCE Licence number.

Renewing your licence


Each year you will need to renew your licence. This can be completed on line, or by credit card over the phone with our admin team.

By keeping your licence up to date, you will continue to have access to our FCEase system, calling on our Master Trainers for assistance and keeping up to date with our latest news and research.


FCE Online LIVE - JUNE 2024

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